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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Remote BSP iView on WAS

Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

Data Source

This iView is based on the cFolders Business Server Page (BSP) Application: CFX_RFC_UI                 Start Page: system_user_de.htm


Available in the package languages




You use this iView to create, edit, or copy cFolders users. You can decide whether you want to use the integrated central user administration (SAP User Management Engine in the SAP Enterprise Portal) or the functions for local user administration (that is, cFolders own user administration).

You can specify certain requirements (for example, the language) for the new users you want to create in the Standard Settings.


You have implemented Collaboration Folders (cFolders) 4.0.

For more information about the technical prerequisites, see Configuration Information.

Optional Settings

The content administrator can change the system property, if necessary.

For more information on changing the system property, see the Optional Settings section under Collaborative Scenarios.

For more information, see Configuration Information.


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