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Generic objects can be any type of object that you require to collaborate with your business partners and run business processes, for example, industry-specific reports like the 8D report used in the automotive industry, or functional locations.


When you work on a collaboration in cFolders, you can create objects of different types for it, such as documents, folders, materials, bookmarks, and so on.

System administrators can also add new object types to the existing object types in cFolders. This enables you to use industry-specific or company-specific object types in your collaborations. The system administrator creates the generic object and gives it a name and an icon, which are used to display it in the cFolders system.

For more information about creating generic objects, see the configuration guide on the SAP Service Marketplace under  B  Installation and Upgrade Guides  B  mySAP PLM using cProject Suite 3.10  B Collaboration Folders (cFolders): Configuration Guide.


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