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Function documentationMaximum Retail Price (MRP)


Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is a retailing concept practiced in some markets, such as India, where merchandise is shipped from the manufacturer to the store with the final retail price of the item (including all taxes) printed on the item package. This protects customers from being charged a higher price, or an additional charge, by the retailer when they purchase the item.

The Maximum Retail Price or MRP feature impacts price lookups, and the selling and returning of items.


To enable the MRP feature, you must do the following:

  • Enable the mrpcontrolled field in the PLUTXN.ASC file. This activates the MRP feature.

  • Set parameters in the MRPTXN.ASC file. This sends an MRP price file to the POS.


MRP Control Setting

By default, the MRP control setting is not activated for PLU items. When you enable the MRP setting for a PLU item, the POS retrieves MRP pricing data from the database. When you disable the MRP setting for a PLU item that was MRP-enabled, MRP prices are disassociated from the PLU item without removing the MRP data from the database, and the system no longer displays the MRP tab in the Store Manager application for that PLU item.

MRP Prices

An item can have several valid MRP prices on file based on when various shipments of the item were received. You can configure the POS to display up to 12 MRP prices per item. This is done by setting the number of prices in the Maximum Number of MRP Prices Displayed field on the General tab page for Register Parameters configuration. The prices are displayed in order of the most recent price. At the POS, the cashier selects the price that appears on the item package from the list of displayed prices.

Note Note

If the Maximum Number of MRP Prices Displayed field is set to 0 (zero), the most recent MRP price is retrieved from the database and the cashier is not required to select a price.

End of the note.

After an MRP price is selected, it is submitted as a new parameter in the PLU lookup request. The Xpress Server replaces the retail price normally retrieved for the item with the selected MRP price and applies it to the transaction.

Selling an Item

The POS uses the MRP price selected by the cashier in the transaction. The MRP price applies to all discounts and promotions including mix-matches.

Returning an Item

Because the purchase price of an item is known in a return with receipt, MRP price lookups are only applicable to returns without a receipt. For this type of return, a list of MRP prices is displayed when the return item is scanned.

More Information

See Register Parameters configuration, General and Min/Max Digits tab pages, for information on using the MRP settings.