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Component documentationSAP Point-of-Sale (SAP POS)


SAP Point-of-Sale (SAP POS) is a flexible, easy-to-use, and feature-rich POS for client-server environments. Designed for general merchandise and multi-format retailers, SAP POS provides a highly-configurable POS solution suite that allows you to quickly and easily configure your specific business requirements without the need for additional custom development. In addition to the POS application, SAP POS includes a powerful store-level management application to handle in-store and back-office functions such as reporting, time and attendance-tracking, file maintenance, cash management, label and sign printing, and store-level inventory control.


SAP POS is the main component of SAP's POS bundle which also contains SAP POS Store Data Transfer for Retail, SAP Returns Authorization (SAP RA) and SAP Stored Value Program (SAP SVP). For more information, see the documentation of these components.

SAP POS consists of Store Client applications running on the store POS systems to process POS transactions, Store Server applications running in the store's back office to serve connective, operative and administrative needs and applications running in the head office to allow central configuration.

The graphic below shows the building blocks of SAP POS and how they work together.

* Only for North America


The key features of SAP POS are:

  • Enhanced security strategy to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. These enhancements address issues such as the following:

    • Encryption of sensitive date during storage and transmission over a public network as well as encryption of database, TLog, saf, dcl, CVTLog, and sensitive configuration parameters

    • Advanced password management

    • Masking of sensitive data which might be displayed on customer receipts, logs and other entities such as the EJV (Electronic Journal Viewer) and SAP POS Store Data Transfer for Retail logs.

    • Audit trails for all sensitive data; specifically this includes an audit mechanism added to the login process to capture the currently logged in user information and save it to the TLog.

    • Encryption support for any database migration tasks involving database tables containing sensitive information.

  • Increased support for centralized transaction services including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and EFT support; stored value cards; loyalty point award and redemption processing; and customer profiling.

  • Enhanced pricing and discount capabilities providing support for increased levels of pricing complexity and discounting, with automatic triggering of negotiated corporate discounts at the point of sale.

  • Improved real-time access to customer information allowing cashiers to instantly retrieve information from third-party customer databases at the point of sale.

  • Increased Mobile POS transaction and inventory capabilities including full-item inquiry and support for advanced shipping notices. Expansion of Mobile POS peripheral support to include support of a wireless printer.

  • Support for Global Trade Item Numbers up to 18 digits ensuring full compliance with Sunrise 2005 legislation.