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Installing the EA Example RepositoryLocate this document in the navigation structure

An example SQL Anywhere repository database, EAExample.db, is provided in the <install_dir>/Examples/EAExample folder, which is intended to show examples of the charts that can be viewed in the PowerDesigner Web client.


For information about:
  • The EAExample files: see Enterprise Architecture Modeling > Planning Your Enterprise Architecture Initiative > Example EA Model, Imports, and Charts.
  • PowerDesigner Web: see PowerDesigner Web.


  1. Locate or install an instance of SQL Anywhere v12 or higher and load the EAExample.db database to it (see Installing and Authenticating SQL Anywhere).
  2. Create a data source to access the database (see Creating a Data Source to Access the Database) using the following credentials:
    • User name: DBA
    • Password: sql
  3. Install the PowerDesigner Web server, specifying a connection to the database (see Installing the PowerDesigner Web Server).
  4. Open your Web browser, navigate to http://<server-name>:<port-number>/powerdesigner-web (3030 is the default port number), and enter the following credentials:
    • User name: ADMIN
    • Password: EAExample1
  5. To access the charts:
    • Click the Dashboard tile, or
    • Click the Repository tile, navigate to EA Content > EAExample > EAExample, and click the Charts facet.