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Generating CDS FilesLocate this document in the navigation structure

In repository and HDI environments, PowerDesigner supports generating CDS files for loading to HANA.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path Database Next navigation step Export CDS Objects End of the navigation path to open the Generation dialog.
  2. Enter a directory in which to generate the files, and specify whether you want to perform a model check.
  3. On the Selection tab, select the objects to generate files for. The following sub-tabs may be available:
    • HANA Packages - Lists any top level HANA packages.
    • Contexts - Lists top-level contexts. One file is generated for each selected context.
    • CDS Entities - Lists entities defined at the model root. One file is generated for each selected entity.
    • CDS Views - Lists views defined at the model root. One file is generated for each selected view.
    • Physical Data Models - Lists the model node. Select the model if you want to generate a namespace file.
  4. [optional] Click the Generated Files tab to review the files to generate. By default, one file is generated for each object selected on the Selection tab.
  5. Click OK to begin generation.

    When generation is complete, the Generated Files dialog opens, listing the files that have been generated to the specified directory. Select a file in the list and click Edit to open it in your associated editor, or click Close to exit the dialog.