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Exporting CDS Objects to the HANA RepositoryLocate this document in the navigation structure

In repository environments, PowerDesigner provides a wizard to allow you to export your CDS contexts, entities, and views and their supporting objects to the HANA repository.



In HDI environments, you should generate CDS files, see Generating CDS Files.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path Database Next navigation step Apply Model Changes to HANA Repository End of the navigation path to open the wizard, and click Next on the Welcome page.
    The wizard checks your model for consistency and displays any errors which may compromise the generation.
  2. Enter your HANA repository connection parameters (see Exporting Objects to the HANA Repository) and then click Next to connect.
  3. Select HANA packages in your model in the left pane to make their contents available to export. Select the contexts, entities, and views to export in the right pane, and then click Next.
    Any supporting objects, such as types and associations are exported as necessary.
    Note If you have previously imported objects from HANA, the archive model helps to determine model changes since that point (see Archive PDMs).
  4. Review the objects that will be exported and then click Finish to generate them to the HANA repository.
    Note If PowerDesigner detects conflicts between changes made in the model and changes to the same objects on the server, then a merge dialog (see Core Features Guide > Modeling with PowerDesigner > Comparing and Merging Models) will open to allow you to select, for each conflict, which of the conflicting changes will prevail. The resolutions that you select will first be applied to the model, and then your changes will be exported to the server.