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Contexts provide a way of structuring your CDS artifacts. In HDI environments, one file is generated for each top-level context.


  1. Use the Context tool in the CDS toolbox.

    You can create contexts at the model root, under a HANA package, or under another context.

  2. Open the property sheet, and complete properties as appropriate:




    Identify the object. The name should clearly convey the object's purpose to non-technical users, while the code, which is used for generating code or scripts, may be abbreviated, and should not normally include spaces. You can optionally add a comment to provide more detailed information about the object. By default the code is generated from the name by applying the naming conventions specified in the model options. To decouple name-code synchronization, click to release the = button to the right of the Code field.


    [top-level CDS Repository contexts] Specifies the schema to which the context belongs.

    Use parent namespace

    Specifies that the package does not represent a separate namespace from its parent and thus that objects created within it must have names that are unique within the parent container.

    Scripting name: UseParentNamespace

  3. Click OK to complete the creation of the context.
  4. Press Ctrl and double-click the context symbol to open its diagram.
    You can create any object (except a HANA package) inside a context.

    If you define an artifact in one CDS document (top-level context) by referring to an artifact that is defined in another CDS document, PowerDesigner will automatically insert the appropriate using statement.