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Importing and Exporting BPMN 2.0 FilesLocate this document in the navigation structure

PowerDesigner can import and export BPMN 2.0 files, with a particular emphasis on supporting SAP BPM and the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler.


PowerDesigner supports round-trip importing and exporting of SAP BPM v7.3 and higher BPMN 2.0 files. PowerDesigner Web makes your process models available for browsing and importing directly into the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Process Composer v7.3 EHP1 SP15 or higher.

To import a BPMN 2.0 file into your diagram, click the Menu tool and then select Import BPMN2 File.
Note The import will overwrite any existing content in your diagram.
To export a BPMN 2.0 diagram, click the Menu tool and then select Export BPMN2 File.
The following BPMN 2.0 objects are supported in import and export:
Supported Objects
  • DocumentRoot, Definitions, Property, Documentation, TextAnnotation
  • Process
  • Task, GlobalTask, GlobalBusinessRuleTask, GlobalManualTask, GlobalScriptTask, GlobalUserTask, BusinessRuleTask, ManualTask, ReceiveTask, ScriptTask, SendTask, ServiceTask, UserTask
  • Transaction, CallActivity, SubProcess, AdHocSubProcess
  • Message, MessageFlow
  • Participant, ParticipantMultiplicity
  • Collaboration
  • Lane, LaneSet
  • SequenceFlow
  • MultiInstanceLoopCharacteristics, StandardLoopCharacteristics
  • Association
  • Group
  • InputOutputSpecification, InputSet, OutputSet
  • DataObject, DataStore, DataInput, DataOutput, DataState
  • DataAssociation, DataInputAssociation, DataOutputAssociation
  • DataObjectReference, DataStoreReference
  • BoundaryEvent, IntermediateCatchEvent, StartEvent, EndEvent, ImplicitThrowEvent, IntermediateThrowEvent
  • CancelEventDefinition, CompensateEventDefinition, ConditionalEventDefinition, ErrorEventDefinition, EscalationEventDefinition, LinkEventDefinition, MessageEventDefinition, SignalEventDefinition, TerminateEventDefinition, TimerEventDefinition
  • ComplexGateway, EventBasedGateway, ExclusiveGateway, InclusiveGateway ParallelGateway
  • Operation, Interface
  • BPMNDiagram, BPMNPlane, BPMNShape, BPMNEdge, Bounds, Point
The following BPMN2 objects are supported for modeling in the desktop PowerDesigner client, but are not supported for modeling in PowerDesigner Web, or for import and export:
Modeling Objects Not Supported in Import/Export
  • ChoreographyTask, GlobalChoreographyTask, Choreography, SubChoreography, CallChoreography
  • CorrelationKey, CorrelationPropertyBinding, CorrelationPropertyRetrievalExpression, CorrelationSubscription, CorrelationProperty
  • Conversation, SubConversation, ConversationNode, ConversationLink, GlobalConversation, CallConversation
The following BPMN2 objects are not supported for modeling or in import and export:
Unsupported Objects
  • CorrelationPropertyBinding, CorrelationPropertyRetrievalExpression, CorrelationSubscription
  • MessageFlowAssociation, ParticipantAssociation, ConversationAssociation
  • ResourceAssignmentExpression, ResourceParameter, ResourceParameterBinding, ResourceRole
  • InputOutputBinding
  • ItemDefinition
  • ImplicitThrowEvent
  • Assignment
  • Auditing
  • ComplexBehaviorDefinition
  • Monitoring
  • Relationship
  • Rendering
  • Expression, FormalExpression
  • PotentialOwner
  • HumanPerformer
  • Category, CategoryValue
  • EndPoint
  • Error
  • Escalation
  • PartnerEntity, PartnerRole
  • Resource
  • Signal
  • Extension, ExtensionAttributeDefinition, ExtensionAttributeValue, ExtensionDefinition Import