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Pools and Lanes (BPMN Executable)Locate this document in the navigation structure

Pools represent companies, departments, or roles. Lanes represent sub-entities within these organizations and appear as swimlanes inside the pool. Many BPMN diagrams contain one or more pools, with all the other objects placed in the lanes of these pools.

BPMN Executable pools and lanes behave in the same way as those in BPMN Descriptive (see Pools and Lanes (BPMN Descriptive)).

In BPMN Executable, pools and lanes can also appear in conversation diagrams as square nodes (see Conversation Diagrams (BPMN Executable)) and in choreography diagrams, where they do not have a separate symbol but are displayed on the top or bottom band of the choreography task symbol (see Choreography Diagrams (BPMN Executable)).