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This graphic is explained in the accompanying textApplication Managed Authentication  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

For the Application Managed Authentication, the application may use its own authentication and passes the authenticated credentials (Client, Language, User and Password) for the connection creation. These credentials will be checked by the SAP system again.


The following construct is additionally needed to allow passing particular credentials: 

You retrieve the ConnectionFactory (described in the sections above) and cast it to Con-nectionSpecFactory):


// see in previous paragraphs how to aquire ConnectionFactory

ConnectionFactory connectionfactory = ………………;

Connection connection = null;

ConnectionSpec cs = null;

ConnectionSpecFactory csf = null;

csf = (ConnectionSpecFactory) connectionfactory;

cs = csf.createConnectionSpec(client, user, pass, lang);

connection = connectionfactory.getConnection(cs);


You can also create a ConnectionSpec instance with a destination configured on the Destination Service:

cs = csf.createConnectionSpec(destinationName);

connection = connectionfactory.getConnection(cs);

Thus you can dynamically define the destination of your call.


The section Facades and Compilation describes how to get access to the

ConnectionSpecFactory interface.



Besides that, like for DefaultAuthentication the entry


should exist in the application descriptor.


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