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This parameter specifies the maximum number of communication entries on an application server.

This parameter allows you to control the number of RFC/CPIC connections on an application server.

Every RFC or CPIC communication with a partner program requires an entry. If the initiator and recipient of an RFC/CPIC program are running on the same application server, two entries per communication are required.


Every communication entry requires 100 bytes of shared memory.    


If a lot of RFC balancing accumulates on one application server and the value of parameter rdisp/max_comm_entries has been increased to accommodate this, we recommend you set rdisp/max_arq to the same value.           


Work area

Dispatcher/task handler


Integer value

Standard value


Dynamically changeable


Value Range and Syntax

Permitted values are whole numbers between 0 and 8192.

More Information

Note the following documentation associated with this parameter:




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