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Implementation Notes

The design of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server is aimed at providing an exceptionally high level of robustness and supportability for the applications running on it.

With the Virtual Machine Container technology (VM Container, VMC), SAP has achieved a technological foundation that allows Java applications to be executed with a similar level of robustness as software developed in ABAP. The aim is to isolate individual users from each other as securely as possible to avoid any unwanted restrictions. In order to provide an optimal runtime environment for selected scenarios with especially high demands on a narrow ABAP-Java coupling, in this release a Java VM can also run integrated in the ABAP work process.

For more information see Architecture of the VM Container.


The documentation on the VM Container is divided into the following sections:



Architecture of the VM Container

Concept and usage area of the VM Container technology, resource management, sharing, memory management.

Operating the VM Container

Starting and stopping, monitoring, and workload analysis

Administration of the VM Container

Snapshot analysis, VM overview, VMC system administration, VMC profile parameters, statistics in the VM Container

Importing Patches and Corrections

Import of error corrections into the system for the VMC framework and for Java applications in the VM Container



The VMC is used exclusively as a runtime environment for selected SAP Java components (for example, Internet Pricing Configurator). The SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java (J2EE Engine) offers a J2EE-compatible runtime and development environment.





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