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The following sections give an overview of the activities for administering the qRFC outbound queue:


The systems with which qRFC communication is to be executed were defined as remote destinations using transaction SM59.

Process Flow

You can execute the following activities to administer the outbound queue:

      Administering the QOUT Scheduler

       Configuring resources of the QOUT Scheduler

       Specify the number of work processes that are to be used to sent LUWs to a specific destination.


Since the majority of external server programs are not multi-read-capable, you must only use one work process here. You can make this setting for every destination in transaction SMQS. This limits the maximum load in a target system.

       Register, deregister, and exclude destinations

       Specifying Logon Data for RFC Destinations

       Optimize performance

       Display Management Data

      Monitoring the Outbound Queue

       Checking the Queue Status

       Restarting blocked queues

       Testing the qRFC Connection

More Information

The following sections provide more information about administration of the outbound queue:

      The QOUT Schedulersapurl_link_0011_0001_0007

      Checking Queue Statussapurl_link_0011_0002_0007.

      Restarting Blocked Queuessapurl_link_0011_0003_0007

      Testing the qRFC Connectionsapurl_link_0011_0004_0007

      Specifying Logon Data for RFC Destinationssapurl_link_0011_0005_0007

      Displaying Administration Datasapurl_link_0011_0006_0007

For detailed information on maintaining remote destinations:

      Maintaining Remote Destinationssapurl_link_0011_0007_0007





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