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When calling a function module in an SAP system it might be required to start an SAP GUI.


This is required in particular for some (older) BAPIs which return data in the form of a screen while they are executed.


      To call the SAP GUI from your JCo application your SAP backend system must fulfill certain prerequisites. For more detailed information, see SAP Note 1258724.

      You have installed the Windows SAP GUI or Java GUI (Unix) on your system.


Proceed as follows to start SAP GUI from your client program:


Microsoft Windows:

Set the Property USE_SAPGUI to 1 (dark) or 2 (light).



Set the environment variable using


setenv SAPGUI <path to SAPGUI startscript> (tcsh) or


set SAPGUI=<path to SAPGUI startscript> (bash)


The path name looks as follows for MAC OS:


"/Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.10rev7.3/SAPGUI"


The following path would be valid for Linux and other Unix systems:





No parameters must be entered after the script name for environment variables.


Start the JCo application from the same shell to register the environment variable.





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