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Procedure documentationGenerating Certificate Requests for the SSL Server PSEs Locate this document in the navigation structure


You must generate an individual certificate request for each application server that uses a server-specific PSE. If you use a system-wide SSL server PSE, then you only need to generate a single certificate request.

Note Note

To determine each unique SSL server PSE, expand the SSL server PSE node in the trust manager and select each application server with a double-click. The server's Distinguished Name appears in the Owner field. For each application server with a unique Distinguished Name, you must generate a certificate request.

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From the Trust Manager screen:

  1. Expand the SSL server PSE node.

  2. For each unique SSL server PSE (each server-specific PSE or a single system-wide PSE):

    1. Select the application server.

      The application server's certificate appears in the PSE maintenance section in the Owner field.

    2. In the PSE maintenance section, choose Create Certificate Request (Create Certificate Request).

      A dialog appears showing the certificate request.

    3. Select the content of the request and copy it to your clipboard (Choose Copy (Copy)) or save the certificate request to a file (<file_name>.P10) using Save as local file (Save as local file).