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In this section you can find a listing of all existing parameters depending on the connection type:

Existing Parameters per Connection Type

Connection Type


RFC server program registered at an SAP gateway and waitingfor RFC calls by an SAP system

  • DEST = <destination in RfcRegisterServer/RfcStartServer>

  • PROGID = <program ID, optional; default: destination >

  • GWHOST = <host name of the SAP gateway>

  • GWSERV = <service name of the SAP gateway>

  • RFC_TRACE = <0/1: OFF/ON, optional; default:0(OFF)>

    Note Note

    In an SAP system the program ID and this SAP gateway must be specified in the Destination entry defined with transaction SM59: use connection type T and register mode.

    End of the note.

SAP system using load balancing. The application server will be determined at runtime

  • DEST = <destination in RfcOpenConnection>

  • R3NAME = <name of SAP system, optional; default: destination>

  • MSHOST = <host name of the message server>

  • GROUP = <group name of the application servers, optional; default: PUBLIC>

  • RFC_TRACE = <0/1: OFF/ON, optional; default:0(OFF)>

Specific SAP application server

  • DEST = <destination in RfcOpenConnection>

  • ASHOST = <host name of a specific SAP application server>

  • SYSNR = <SAP system number>

  • GWHOST = <optional; default: gateway on application server>

  • GWSERV = <optional; default: gateway on application server>

  • RFC_TRACE = <0/1: OFF/ON, optional; default:0(OFF)>