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Tab page MDMP_Unicode in transaction SM59 contains various code page handling settings.


You can configure the following:

Communication type with target system

Here, you specify whether the RFC Destination is a Unicode system or a non-Unicode (MDMP) system. Using the pushbutton Unicode Test you can call this information from the target system.

  • MDMP Setting for Non-Unicode Destinations

    For non-Unicode destinations, the RFC uses either a preconfigured assignment of languages to code pages that is the same for all destinations, or an assignment that can be defined individually for each destination. By pressing the Detail pushbutton, you can call the assignment list maintenance screen.

Character Conversion

Here, you define how conversion errors are handled:

  • The RFC terminates when conversion errors occur, or.

  • It continues despite conversion errors, with non-convertible characters being replaced by replacement characters.

    • The RFC replaces non-convertible characters with the replacement character '#', or

    • The RFC replaces non-convertible characters with another character of your choice.

More Information

Here, you can find information about the preconfigured code pages in the SAP system: