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If the following ABAP statement is called up:

Syntax Syntax

       DESTINATION rfcdest
End of the code.

fRFC processing takes place. This means that the following call sequence is triggered:

  1. protected onCheckTID(String tid) boolean

    Note Note

    At this point, the application must be informed that the next call is to be processed with this TID. The application must return the value true in order to signal that execution is possible.

    End of the note.
  2. calls the function module.

  3. the protected void method onCommit(String tid) or onRollback(String tid)

    depending on the result of the function distribution. If handleRequest has not thrown any exceptions, onCommit is called.

  4. protected void method onConfirmTID(String tid).

    Note Note

    At this point, the application is informed that execution has been ended by the call with the specified TID. Under certain circumstances, this call might be received in a different Listener or, if problems arise, may not be received in the ABAP backend system at all.

    End of the note.