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Before you can use SAP JCo in AS Java, you need to make a few configurations. These are essentially connection settings (such as system, Message Server and Gateway) for the inbound and outbound communication. SAP JCo configuration is performed in SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

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It is only necessary to configure SAP JCo if application development has not chosen the recommended SAP Java Resource usage.

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  • You are using the version of SAP JCO integrated in SAP Application Server with the newAPI (Version 7.10).

  • You have successfully installed Java Application Server.


  1. Open NW Administrator in a browser window by entering the URL http://<Servername>:<Portname>.

  2. Log on to NW Administrator.

    For client integration of outbound communication, proceed as follows:

  3. On the upper menu bar, choose the   Configuration Management   Security Management   and Destinations links.

  4. The Destination List contains all configured RFC and HTTP destinations.

  5. To create a new destination, choose Create and follow the instructions given by the Destination Wizard:

  6. In the General Data screen, enter the required data (Destination Type RFC) and choose Next.

  7. In the next screen, enter your required connection data and any SNC settings that you need, and choose Next.

  8. Once you have entered all your required configuration data on the last screen, choose Finish.

    For client integration of inbound communication, proceed as follows:

  9. Make the required settings for the JCo RFC Provider.

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