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This section contains the guidelines for installation for SAP JCo 3.0.

You can download the installation files from SAPNet under

You can download the SAP JCo installation files from SAP Service Marketplace under

Because the components contain both packages and system-own class libraries, the system-own class libraries are platform-specific.

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Note the additional information on the download page in SAPNet. Supported supported platforms, see SAP Note 1077727.

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The following instructions apply for Windows32 or Linux operating systems The instructions for the installation of SAP JCo on other operating systems are included in the corresponding download files.

  • Create a directory, for example C:\SAPJCo, and extract the JCo .zip file into this directory.

  • Make sure that the file sapjco3.jar (in the SAP JCo main directory) is contained in the class path for all projects for which you want to use the SAP JCo..

For productive operation, the following files from the SAP JCo .zip file are necessary:

SAP JCo Installation Files

Microsoft Windows





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SAP highly recommends that you store these files in the same directory.

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You find the docs-directory in the download .zip file in which the Javadocs for SAP JCo are located. The Javadocs contain an overview of all SAPJCo classes and interfaces, together with a detailed description of the corresponding objects, methods, parameters, and fields. Start with the file index.html (<drive>:\<SAPJCo>\docs\jco\index.html).