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This section contains a detailed description of the functions of the SAP Business Connector.

You can use the SAP BC to:

  • Execute SAP's BAPI methods (according to the description in the Business Object Repository - BOR). BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interfaces) are interfaces that allow standardized access to SAP applications. Quickly and simply generate XML-based SAP BC services that execute a BAPI. Applications within your organization can then call the SAP BC services to execute a BAPI on the SAP Server. These interfaces can also be used to trigger both synchronous and asynchronous processing. Asynchronous processing uses the ALE services in the SAP system.

  • Execute RFCs (Remote Function Calls) from the SAP BC. Using the SAP BC, you have access to all SAP functions that are available using RFC. External applications do not have to understand SAP data formats, ABAP structures, or the RFC protocol to communicate with an SAP system.

  • Call SAP BC services from a SAP Server.In this way, the SAP BC enables business-to-business integration between business partners by extending the range of their infrastructure.

  • Configure the routing of SAP business application documents (IDocs). You can configure the routing (the control of communication) within the SAP BC according to your own criteria. There are several different transport methods for your application documents that are available out of the box (for example, ALE, XML, e-mail). You can use these to send an IDoc to another SAP system, to an electronic marketplace, or simply to an Internet address.

  • Use ALE services in the SAP system, for example, asynchronous processing, monitoring, or distribution services.