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If you use the SAP JCo with the Virtual Machine Container, you can maintain the profile parameter vmcj/property/<propertyname> in order to configure the VMC environment for Java client calls (where Java calls function modules in the ABAP system).

You can use this profile parameter to generically set the Java System Properties for the Virtual Machine.

At present, the following Properties are supported in the VMC environment:

  • * jrfc.trace: Values 1 and 0: 1 activates the trace for all connections, regardless of the destination settings (default = 0).

    Caution Caution

    Use this setting with care, as activating the trace can lead to performance problems.

    End of the caution.
  • * jco.jarm: Values 1 and 0: 1 activates the jarm (Java Application Response Time Measurement) requests and components for JCo (default = 0)


You can either:

  • change the profile parameters during runtime using transaction RZ11, or

  • edit them in the instance profile file, in order to perform static changes during startup.