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To create a new connection pool, use the method addClientPool(). The maximum number of defined connections cannot be increased. You should therefore choose a value that is sufficiently large for the application. Multiple versions of addClientPool() enable you to define the logon information in different ways. The example below uses a properties object, which is created from a file that uses a utility class with the name OrderedProperties (subclass of Properties). The diagram below shows the example file

Syntax Syntax

Creating a Connection Pool

  1. OrderedProperties logonProperties =
  2.    OrderedPropertiess.load (“/“);
  3. JCO.addClientPool (POOL_NAME,		// pool name
  4.                    5,			// max. number of connections
  5.                    logonProperties);	// properties
End of the code.

Syntax Syntax

Logon Properties

  1. jco.client.client=001
  2. jco.client.user=userid
  3. jco.client.passwd=****
  4. jco.client.ashost=hostname
  5. jco.client.sysnr=00
End of the code.

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