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Renaming of Java Packages

Because JCo standalone version 3.0 derives from JCo as an integrated component of SAP NetWeaver 7.1, and because both the old and new JCo API are available there, it was necessary to change the naming convention for the new API Java packages to avoid redundancies.

The previous convention (which is still valid for the old API)* has been changed to*.

Sequence of setValue() Operations

The sequence of values for setValue() operations has been changed to adapt it to the standard convention.

The majority of these changes are recognized by the compiler, but unfortunately not those that occur the most frequently (String,int <-> int,String).


  • For the new JCo API change the package names for all imports from* to*.

  • Check the sequence of the String- and int- values of all setValue() operations and adapt the value sequence is required.

    Example Example

    The changed value sequence for setValue() operations is made clear in the examples below:

    JCo 2.x

    JCO.Structure myStruct=new JCO.Stucture(repository.getStructureDefinition("FOOBAR"));

    myStruct.setValue("Ich und Er", "ARTIST");

    myStruct.setValue("Vom andern Stern", 1); // 1 is index of field SONG

    myStruct.setValue(3.87, "LENGTH");

    JCo 3.0

    JCoStructure myStruct= JCo.createStucture(repository.getStructureDefinition("FOOBAR"));

    myStruct.setValue("ARTIST", "Ich und Er");

    myStruct.setValue(1, "Vom andern Stern"); // 1 is index of field SONG

    myStruct.setValue("LENGTH", 3.87);

    End of the example.