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An IDoc class library is available for Java application that support communication based on IDocs.

The IDoc class library is either used as an integrated component in AS Java or as a standalone component for SAP JCo.

Note Note

As an integrated component, the IDoc class library is used, for example, for migrating IDoc-based integration scenarios from the SAP Business Connector to SAP Exchange Infrastructure.

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Implementation Considerations

The IDoc class library can be downloaded as a standalone component from the SAP Service Marketplace (


The Java IDoc class library includes the basic functionality for working with IDocs. These are for example:

  • Procuring and managing the metadata for IDoc types

  • Navigation through an IDoc.

  • Constructing an IDoc

  • Sending IDocs via the tRFC port in the ALE interface.

  • Receiving IDocs via the tRFC port in the ALE interface.

The IDoc XML processor integrated in the component also allows direct conversion of IDoc XML into the binary IDoc format and vice versa.

Note Note

The IDoc XML processor is not a universally-applicable XML processor.

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More Information

You can find more detailed information about the IDoc class library and the IDoc XML processor in the javadocs of the installation file.

You can find programming examples for the IDoc class library under: