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Procedure documentation Displaying Technical Data for the Adapter Engine  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can display current technical data for several server nodes for the selected Adapter Engine.


You have started the Runtime Workbench, are in component monitoring, and have selected an Adapter Engine as the component.


To display current technical data for the selected Adapter Engine, proceed as follows:


       1.      On the Status tab page, choose Engine Status. You need to enter the user and password for the selected Adapter Engine.

       2.      Select the required server node.

The system displays node-specific system information. Additional detailed information is displayed on the available tab pages.

       3.      Select the tab page with the required information.

Backlog Tab Page

This tab page shows all communication components for the senders and receivers that are defined for the selected Adapter Engine in the CPA cache.

You can restrict the number of communication components to be displayed with a filter. You can enter an asterisk (*) here for this.

The number of messages currently still in processing (backlog) is displayed for each communication component. The number is not node-specific and represents the sum of messages across all nodes.

You can select a communication component for monitoring by the SAP NetWeaver Administrator. In addition to the selected communication components, this also always displays the total sum of messages for all communication components.


For performance reasons, only select particular communication components for monitoring, not all communication components.

To make the data visible in SAP NetWeaver Administrator, proceed as described in Modifying the State of a Set of Monitors. In the monitoring tree, select the nodes Server Services Adapter Framework Messaging System.

To display the monitored communication components, choose Messaging System Receiver Services or Messaging System Sender Services.

Four message categories are displayed:

      EOIO Backlog:

Held messages (status HOLD)

      Processing Backlog (with errors):

Waiting messages (status WAIT)

      Processing Backlog (without errors):

Messages to be delivered (status TBDL) and messages that have been delivered (status DLNG)

      Error Backlog:

Messages with system errors (status NDLV)

You can connect the monitor to the SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS). There, you can define corresponding threshold values to generate alerts for individual backlog categories and communication components.

More information: Current Number of Messages in Processing

Database Locks Tab Page

This tab page displays database locks of messages, including the time of creation and locking user. The display is not node-specific.

You can release locked messages by selecting and deleting the corresponding lock entry.

Messaging Overview Tab Page

The tab page displays how many messages are in which status since the last restart of the Adapter Engine. You can display the data according to the mode and direction of message processing.

The system displays an overview as well as a detailed view for each connection, showing the message status, number, and the last status change.

The information displayed is node-specific. You can select the required server node.

Further Information Tab Page

This tab page displays further information. You can select the server node required and you have the following display options:


Displays information about the individual adapter queues for each adapter.

If you click to select a queue, details about the status of the queue are displayed, as well as a list of the messages that are currently in the queue. The position of a message in the queue, the message ID, and the processing direction of the message are displayed. You can use the message ID to access the message monitoring Detail Display.

      Messaging Details

The following message categories are displayed and can be selected with a click:

       All synchronous messages that are currently in processing

       All asynchronous messages that are currently in processing

       All messages that are waiting to be executed again, including the next scheduled execution

       All messages in EOIO sequences

The complete message sequences, including sequence number, are displayed for each serialization context.

You can also display the message details cross-node. You can use the message ID of a message to access the message monitoring detail display.

      Message Search

You can enter the message ID in the message search to search for specific messages. You can enter an asterisk (*) here for this.

You can also use the message search cross-node. The messages that are found are listed according to server node and message category. You can use the message ID of a message to access the message monitoring detail display.

      Event Handler

Displays the registered event handler.

      Technical Settings

Displays the technical properties with their actual XPI service messaging system values.

More information: Properties of Service SAP XI AF Messaging



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