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You can manage the SAP JRA using NetWeaver Administrator. In particular, this is where you enter data for server (inbound) and client (outbound) communication with ABAP systems, such as Message Server, user name and password.


You have successfully installed Java Application Server.

Process Flow

Server Role:

Before you can construct a connection to another SAP system (AS ABAP), you must first define an SAP JRA instance. Every SAP JRA instance represents an SAP system that is to communicated with. AS Java is delivered with at least one implemented SAP JRA instance.

Client Role

If you want to use SAP JRA for client functions (AS Java calls AS ABAP), you also need a configured Connection Factory that contains the destination data of the target system.

More Information

For more detailed information about the individual steps for configuring the SAP JRA, see:

      SAP JRA Configuration: Procedure.

      Parameters for SAP JRA Configuration

      Managing Calls from Multiple SAP Systems

You can find a general description of how to configure resource adapters under:

      Managing Resource Adapters

You can find detailed information about configuring the application resources in NW Administrator under:

      Managing Application Resources

You can find general information about using SAP NW Administrator under:

      Working with SAP NetWeaver Administrator




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