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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text SNC  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


For the Server role generally the same SNC Properties are valid as in the client case .


However, if you want to set different SNC properties for the server side,  you have to redefine them for the Connection Factory you use. Alternatively you can configure one JRA instance for server and one for client with proper SNC properties.


To configure SNC for the server side you have to perform some additional security configurations:


When started from the SAPMMC, the AS Java is running in a process owned by the user "SAPServiceC11" (this is the case only if you have not changed it during the installation). Therefore, you should use a certificate issued especially for this user.


To activate a certificate, proceed as follows:



       1.      Copy the PSE file to a directory and make sure it can be accessed by the user who

   will later own the process.


       2.      Activate it with sapgenpse.exeand sapcrypto.dll(you need the PIN that  

   protects the PSE file; the syntax is "sapgenpse seclogin –p filename -x

 pin –O user") – this creates a cred_v2-file.



Shutdown the PSE Management when using another PSE.

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