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For performance reasons, you must only use mappings in integration processes when absolutely necessary. For this reason, check the mappings entered in transformation steps for the following:

     The mapping cannot be realized simply by using the Integration Server because it is one of the following mapping types:

     1:n-mapping that requires the integration process as the context

     n:1-mapping that requires the integration process as the context

     The mapping cannot be executed outside the integration process.

For each mapping, check whether it can be executed before or after the integration process. For example, you can replace a mapping that is executed before a sender step with a mapping in the receiver determination.


     For each mapping that you are using in a transformation step, check that all objects are in the same software component version: integration process, interface mapping, and all objects that the interface mapping references.

If you want to reference objects from underlying software component versions, you must access the objects from the Basis Objects branch (in the navigation tree or using an input help).




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