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Display of the aggregated overview data on the performance of message processing in a specific PI component.

The data gives you an overview of the number of messages that were processing on this component in a specific time period and within a specific aggregation interval.


You have started the Runtime Workbench and have chosen Performance Monitoring.



       1.      In the Display field, select Overview Aggregated from the dropdown list box.

       2.      Select the data source, the component that you want to use, the processing mode, and the time interval.

       3.      If you want the displayed aggregated data to be based on data that has already been consolidated on an hourly basis, select the Consolidated Data check box. Otherwise, the displayed data is based on the current raw data.

       4.      Select an aggregation interval.

       5.      If you want to enter additional attributes, choose Extended Search.

       6.      Choose Display Options.

       7.      To display minimum and maximum values in addition to the average values, select With Minimum and Maximum.

       8.      If you want to drill down the displayed data by processing mode or by particular attributes for the sender or receiver, or both, select the corresponding checkboxes.

During evaluation, the system breaks down the messages by the specified attributes (for example, by namespace), and differentiates the displayed data correspondingly.

       9.      To save the displayed data in a local file as values separated by semicolons, choose Save and enter a corresponding directory.

   10.      Choose Start.


The system displays the data, which returns the following results:

Performance Data



Interval Start/End of Interval

Start and end of the interval in question.


Number of messages processed in this interval


Average size of the processed messages (with minimum and maximum values, if selected)

Processing Time

Average processing time in seconds (with minimum and maximum values, if selected)


Number of messages processed each hour.


Component in which message processing took place

<Drilldown Category>

Sender/receiver attribute(s) for data drilldown (if selected).


If a message is processed on several systems and the clocks of these systems are not synchronized exactly, this can result in negative processing times.



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