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When you design a service, you create the design objects in the ES Repository to specify the service signature.


The introduction to service development describes the underlying concepts of service development; you require these concepts to use the objects documented here.


Object Types in Enterprise Services Builder for Service Development

Tools/Object Types


Service Interface

Message Type

Fault Message Type

Data Type

Service development following the outside-in approach.

See: Designing Service Interfaces

Data Type Enhancement

Enables customer-specific enhancements to data types without modifying the SAP standard.

Export Function (WSDL/XSD)

You export the WSDL definition of an interface object so that you can work with the definition in third-party tools.

See: Exporting XSD and WSDL Documents

External Definitions

You import existing XML definitions to the Enterprise Services Repository so that you can use the message definitions they contain when designing services.

Context Objects

Definition of objects so that you can easily access the parts of a message at configuration time in the Integration Directory.

Imported Objects

Inside-out use of XML definitions of existing functions (RFCs or IDocs) so that you can call them by using the Integration Server.

See: Importing IDocs and RFCs.

UI Text Objects

Definition of UI texts that are to be assigned to the appropriate locations when you design services.

For more information about the general functions of the ES Builder that are also useful for interfaces, see the Enterprise Services Builder section.






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