Start Level 1 Node: Package BuilderPackage BuilderEnd Level 1 Node: Package Builder
   Start Level 2 Node: Scenario 1: Defining the Package HierarchyScenario 1: Defining the Package HierarchyEnd Level 2 Node: Scenario 1: Defining the Package Hierarchy
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating a Package using Package BuilderCreating a Package using Package BuilderEnd Level 3 Node: Creating a Package using Package Builder
      Start Level 3 Node: Package AttributesPackage AttributesEnd Level 3 Node: Package Attributes
      Start Level 3 Node: Adding a Subpackage to a PackageAdding a Subpackage to a PackageEnd Level 3 Node: Adding a Subpackage to a Package
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating a Package Interface from Package BuilderCreating a Package Interface from Package BuilderEnd Level 3 Node: Creating a Package Interface from Package Builder
   Start Level 2 Node: Scenario 2: Making Services AvailableScenario 2: Making Services AvailableEnd Level 2 Node: Scenario 2: Making Services Available
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating a Package Interface from Interface BuilderCreating a Package Interface from Interface BuilderEnd Level 3 Node: Creating a Package Interface from Interface Builder
      Start Level 3 Node: Adding Elements to an InterfaceAdding Elements to an InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Adding Elements to an Interface
      Start Level 3 Node: Adding Exposed Objects to a Package InterfaceAdding Exposed Objects to a Package InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Adding Exposed Objects to a Package Interface
      Start Level 3 Node: Restricting the Use of a Package InterfaceRestricting the Use of a Package InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Restricting the Use of a Package Interface
      Start Level 3 Node: Deprecating Usage TypesDeprecating Usage TypesEnd Level 3 Node: Deprecating Usage Types
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating DependenciesCreating DependenciesEnd Level 3 Node: Creating Dependencies
      Start Level 3 Node: Deleting Usages from a Package InterfaceDeleting Usages from a Package InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Deleting Usages from a Package Interface
      Start Level 3 Node: Extending Visibility over Several LevelsExtending Visibility over Several LevelsEnd Level 3 Node: Extending Visibility over Several Levels
         Start Level 4 Node: Graphic: Extending VisibilityGraphic: Extending VisibilityEnd Level 4 Node: Graphic: Extending Visibility
   Start Level 2 Node: Use Case 3: Using Services from Other PackagesUse Case 3: Using Services from Other PackagesEnd Level 2 Node: Use Case 3: Using Services from Other Packages
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating Use AccessesCreating Use AccessesEnd Level 3 Node: Creating Use Accesses
         Start Level 4 Node: Permissible Use AccessesPermissible Use AccessesEnd Level 4 Node: Permissible Use Accesses
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating an Access ObjectCreating an Access ObjectEnd Level 3 Node: Creating an Access Object
         Start Level 4 Node: Tool Hint for an Access ObjectTool Hint for an Access ObjectEnd Level 4 Node: Tool Hint for an Access Object
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating and Maintaining a Client InterfaceCreating and Maintaining a Client InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Creating and Maintaining a Client Interface
   Start Level 2 Node: Package Architecture in R/3 EnterprisePackage Architecture in R/3 EnterpriseEnd Level 2 Node: Package Architecture in R/3 Enterprise
      Start Level 3 Node: From Software Components to Structure PackagesFrom Software Components to Structure PackagesEnd Level 3 Node: From Software Components to Structure Packages
         Start Level 4 Node: Software Components in SAP ERPSoftware Components in SAP ERPEnd Level 4 Node: Software Components in SAP ERP
         Start Level 4 Node: Structure PackagesStructure PackagesEnd Level 4 Node: Structure Packages
         Start Level 4 Node: Activating Enterprise ExtensionsActivating Enterprise ExtensionsEnd Level 4 Node: Activating Enterprise Extensions
      Start Level 3 Node: Creating Packages in Customer ScenariosCreating Packages in Customer ScenariosEnd Level 3 Node: Creating Packages in Customer Scenarios
         Start Level 4 Node: Solution: Scenario 1Solution: Scenario 1End Level 4 Node: Solution: Scenario 1
         Start Level 4 Node: Solution: Scenario 2Solution: Scenario 2End Level 4 Node: Solution: Scenario 2
         Start Level 4 Node: Solution: Scenario 3Solution: Scenario 3End Level 4 Node: Solution: Scenario 3
   Start Level 2 Node: Package Checks and System SettingsPackage Checks and System SettingsEnd Level 2 Node: Package Checks and System Settings
      Start Level 3 Node: Performing a Package CheckPerforming a Package CheckEnd Level 3 Node: Performing a Package Check
      Start Level 3 Node: System SettingsSystem SettingsEnd Level 3 Node: System Settings
      Start Level 3 Node: Package Check ScenarioPackage Check ScenarioEnd Level 3 Node: Package Check Scenario
   Start Level 2 Node: AppendixAppendixEnd Level 2 Node: Appendix
      Start Level 3 Node: The Package ConceptThe Package ConceptEnd Level 3 Node: The Package Concept
         Start Level 4 Node: PackagePackageEnd Level 4 Node: Package
            Start Level 5 Node: Encapsulation LevelsEncapsulation LevelsEnd Level 5 Node: Encapsulation Levels
            Start Level 5 Node: Dependency Control ListsDependency Control ListsEnd Level 5 Node: Dependency Control Lists
            Start Level 5 Node: Usage Types and Usage OperationsUsage Types and Usage OperationsEnd Level 5 Node: Usage Types and Usage Operations
         Start Level 4 Node: Package InterfacePackage InterfaceEnd Level 4 Node: Package Interface
            Start Level 5 Node: Visibility of Package InterfacesVisibility of Package InterfacesEnd Level 5 Node: Visibility of Package Interfaces
            Start Level 5 Node: Exposing Objects at Package InterfacesExposing Objects at Package InterfacesEnd Level 5 Node: Exposing Objects at Package Interfaces
            Start Level 5 Node: Propagation of Objects Exposed at a Package InterfacePropagation of Objects Exposed at a Package InterfaceEnd Level 5 Node: Propagation of Objects Exposed at a Package Interface
            Start Level 5 Node: Access Control ListsAccess Control ListsEnd Level 5 Node: Access Control Lists
            Start Level 5 Node: Exposing Composite ObjectsExposing Composite ObjectsEnd Level 5 Node: Exposing Composite Objects
            Start Level 5 Node: Non-Closed Package InterfacesNon-Closed Package InterfacesEnd Level 5 Node: Non-Closed Package Interfaces
            Start Level 5 Node: Default InterfacesDefault InterfacesEnd Level 5 Node: Default Interfaces
         Start Level 4 Node: Access ObjectAccess ObjectEnd Level 4 Node: Access Object
            Start Level 5 Node: Delegating and Composing ServicesDelegating and Composing ServicesEnd Level 5 Node: Delegating and Composing Services
               Start Level 6 Node: Client InterfacesClient InterfacesEnd Level 6 Node: Client Interfaces
               Start Level 6 Node: Objects Exposed in Client InterfacesObjects Exposed in Client InterfacesEnd Level 6 Node: Objects Exposed in Client Interfaces
      Start Level 3 Node: GlossaryGlossaryEnd Level 3 Node: Glossary
      Start Level 3 Node: Naming Conventions for PackagesNaming Conventions for PackagesEnd Level 3 Node: Naming Conventions for Packages
      Start Level 3 Node: Questions and AnswersQuestions and AnswersEnd Level 3 Node: Questions and Answers
      Start Level 3 Node: TroubleshootingTroubleshootingEnd Level 3 Node: Troubleshooting