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You use performance monitoring to display statistical data on the performance of message processing. The data comes from the Integration Server (IS) or the Process Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI).

The central performance monitoring tool is the Runtime Workbench.


      You have configured the necessary data collection from the Integration Server and from PMI for performance monitoring.

      You have started the Runtime Workbench and have chosen Performance Monitoring on the initial screen.

Process Flow

Use performance monitoring to display the following data:

      Aggregated overview data for message processing

      Individual overview data for message processing

      Aggregated detailed data for message processing performance

      Individual detailed data for message processing performance

Use selection criteria to restrict the data that is displayed. For example, you can restrict the data to:

      The data source

      A specific component

      A message processing mode

      A specific time interval


The system only displays messages that are processed successfully within the specified time interval.

You can also choose Extended Search to restrict the displayed messages by using sender and receiver criteria. Selection filters defined in this way can be saved and reused. Saved filters can also be deleted.

      The overview data offers you a quick insight into the number of messages, for example, that were processed in a specific time period for a specific interface, or for a specific combination of sender/interface and receiver/interface.

      If you want to display detailed data, you must specify a unique sender and unique receiver.


Empty input fields are not interpreted as "empty", but as "all". To define an attribute explicitly as “empty”, you must select the corresponding entry (<empty>) from the input help.

If you enter <empty> manually, this is not interpreted as an explicitly empty attribute, but as an attribute with the value <empty>.

      If you want to display aggregated data, you must specify an aggregation interval.



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