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Process Integration scenario enables you to define the message exchange and process flow for collaborative processes. Normally, these are processes between different business partners that are generally coupled by the exchange of messages.

The Process Integration scenario provides you with a central point of access for all objects that you require for semantic and technical integration, such as interfaces and mappings.

An executable integration process  can be integrated into the Process Integration scenario

Note the following about the information compiled during the design phase of a Process Integration scenario:

      It is used during the configuration phase to map the collaborative process to the current productive system landscape.

In this phase you specify the business systems of the business partners on which the application components are installed. In this phase the Process Integration scenario provides you with the central point of entry for the definition of all receiver determinations. These routing relations define the flow of messages in the productive system landscape.
For more information, see Configuration.


The configuration of a Process Integration scenario can be executed very easily and clearly using the model configurator. In particular, the configuration of business-to-business (B2B) scenarios is supported.

More information: Using a Process Model as a Configuration Template

      It is used in productive operation to ease the execution and administration of collaborative processes.

Process Integration scenarios make the dependencies between business partners and the separation of concerns clear. As a result, the entire collaborative process is easier to maintain, more reliable and more stable.


The Enterprise Services Builder constitutes the development environment for the design of Process Integration scenarios. You can do the following with the Enterprise Services Builder:

      Define the Process Integration partners involved in the business scenario and their application components

      Model all interactions for which messages are exchanged between different application components

      Specify each individual message exchange by assigning them interfaces and mappings

The development environment for Process Integration scenarios comprises two editors:

      Process Integration Scenario Editor.

The Process Integration scenario editor provides an interactive graphical work area that enables you to visualize the Process Integration scenario process and how the objects used are related to each other. From the context within this editor you can navigate to the object editors of all objects used. The top down and bottom up design of Process Integration scenarios is supported.

      Action Editor

The action editor enables you to display and edit actions. Actions are activities within the process of a Process Integration scenario that are not subdivided further.


This section is structured around the following questions:

      What is a Process Integration scenario and how do the various components work together?  For more information, see the Process Integration Scenario section.

      How do I develop a Process Integration scenario with the Enterprise Services Builder? For more information, see the Process Integration Scenario Design Environment section.

      How do I model a Process Integration scenario? For more information, see Guidelines for Modeling Process Integration Scenarios.


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