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Process documentation Generating the Field Catalog Manually  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


It may be the case that the data you want to display is not at all or only partially represented by a structure in the Data Dictionary. Then you must use the fields of the field catalog to describe the structure of the output table.

Process Flow

The field catalog is defined in the Data Dictionary through table type LVC_T_FCAT . Each row of the field catalog table explains a field in your output table. Depending on whether a reference structure exists in the DDIC or not, you must at least fill the following fields of the field catalog structure for each field:

Required Fields of the Field Catalog

Output table fields with DDIC reference

Output table fields without DDIC reference




Name of the field of the internal output table



Name of the DDIC reference structure



Name of the DDIC reference field (only needed if other than FIELDNAME )



ABAP data type of the field of the internal output table



Column width



Column header



Column description in column selection for layout


See also: Texts in the Field Catalog


You pass the field catalog using parameter IT_FIELDCATALOG (see graphic).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text