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 Replacement of Visual Administrator by SAP NetWeaver Administrator (Changed)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


With SAP NetWeaver 7.1, the Visual Administrator (VA) is replaced by the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, that is, all relevant functions of the VA are available in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator. The VA is no longer delivered as of SAP NetWeaver 7.1.


For quick access and an overview of the new functions of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator; call it with the URL http://<host>:<port>/nwa/quicklinks.

Effects on System Administration

Various disadvantages of the VA are overcome with the replacement, such as:

      The VA is a standalone tool which is not integrated into other SAP tools. The SAP NetWeaver Administrator is integrated with other SAP tools.

      The VA requires an installation on the front end; this is version-dependent. The SAP NetWeaver Administrator runs in the browser without a front-end installation.

      To be able to operate the VA, operating system level access is required. This is not always possible due to security settings. Since the SAP NetWeaver Administrator is a browser-based tool, it does not have this restriction.



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