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Procedure documentation 12: Confirming the Flight Trip (Transformation Step, Send Step)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If all flights for the flight trip could be booked successfully, then the confirmations for the individual flights can be bundled into one message. This confirmation for the whole flight trip should then be sent to the travel agency.

To do so, insert a transformation step and a send step into the successful-booking branch. Create a container element step for the bundled confirmation and then insert it in the transformation step.


       1.      In the process container, define a container element for the bundled confirmation.

       Name: MultipleConfirmation

       Category: Abstract Interface

       Type: MultipleBookingOrderConfirmation_Abstract

       Container: Process

       2.      To bundle the booking confirmations for the individual flights into a confirmation for the whole flight trip, insert a transformation step (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) into Branch 1:

       Step Name: MergeSuccess

       Interface Mapping: MergeOrderConfirmations_BPM

       Source Message: ConfirmedList (Interface Variable)

       Target Message: MultipleConfirmation (Interface Variable)

       3.      To send the booking confirmation for the whole flight trip, insert a send step after the transformation step:

       Step Name: SendConfirmation

       Message: MultipleConfirmation (Interface Variable)

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