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Procedure documentation Defining a System with Load Balancing  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In the RFC adapter, you define an SAP system with load balancing for the RFC client, the RFC metadata repository, or an alternative metadata repository.



       1.      Under Message Server, enter the host name of the SAP system.

       2.      Under Message Server Service, enter the service of the SAP system.

This can be the numeric description of the service port of the message server or its alphanumeric equivalent.

Example: sapmsXXX, where XXX corresponds to the system ID of the SAP system.

       3.      Enter the System ID of the SAP system.

       4.      Specify the Logon Group of the message server.

Note that the entries are case-sensitive.

       5.      Select the Authentication Mode:

       Use Logon data for SAP system

       Specify the logon user.

       Enter the password and confirm.

       Secure Network Connection for RFC

       Select the required level of protection under Quality of Protection.

       To make additional entries for SNC, choose SNC Advanced Mode.

       Under SNC Name, enter your own SNC name.

       Under Path to SNC Library, specify the SNC library with the relevant path.

See: Setting the SNC Parameters

       6.      Specify the Logon Language.

       7.      Specify the Logon Client.


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