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This BRBACKUP command option defines the BACKINT or mount parameter file.

If you want to perform a BRBACKUP backup using backup devices such as jukeboxes or autoloaders, you can define the name of a parameter file with this option or in the initialization profile, which contains the configuration parameters for the mount or dismount command.

When using non-SAP backup programs for the backup, you might have to store the additional information required in a parameter file when specifying the option -d util_file|util_file_online. You can enter the complete names of this file in the initialization profile or using the option -r. The contents of this file depend on the external backup program used. The SAP tools only pass on the information about the parameter file name that the external program can use to obtain the required information. To find out which parameters must appear in this file and the syntax of those parameters, contact the supplier of the external backup program.

Syntax Syntax

  1. -r|-parfile <parameter_file>
End of the code.

Default value: no parameter file

Corresponding parameters in init<DBSID>.sap: