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This BRBACKUP command option defines the user name and password that BRBACKUP uses to log on to the database system.

Syntax Syntax

  1. -u|-user [<user>[/<password>]|/]
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Default value: system/<default password>

If you only enter -u, BRBACKUP performs an interactive query of the user name and the password. You can enter the user name and the password separately (only enter the user name or the option -u <user>). BRBACKUP then prompts entry of the password. In this case, the password is not displayed during entry, and does not appear in the process list.

These measures are taken to protect the DBA password.

In shell scripts, you can structure the call as follows:

brbackup -c -u <<END <user>/<password> END

However, use this command only if the option -c is active and you are sure that the tape does not need to be changed.

Note Note

If you are working with an OPS$ user, enter the following:

brbackup -u /

In this case, BRBACKUP tries to log on to the database as OPS$ user. See the Oracle documentation and information in the SAP Service Marketplace at

The OPS$ user must be defined in the database and have at least SYSOPER authorization and SAPDBA role. The user must also have SYSDBA authorization, if RMAN is to be used. With this method, it is not necessary to specify the password when calling BRBACKUP.

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