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This BRBACKUP command option defines the backup device type.

Syntax Syntax

  1. -d|-device tape|disk|pipe|disk_copy|disk_standby|tape_auto|
  2. pipe_auto|tape_box|pipe_box|util_file|util_file_online|
  3. util_vol|util_vol_online|stage|stage_copy|stage_standby|
  4. rman_prep|rman_util|rman_disk|rman_stage
End of the code.

Default value: tape

Possible values:

  • tape: backs up to a local tape device

  • disk: backs up to a local disk

  • pipe: backs up to a tape device of a remote system (UNIX only)

  • disk_copy: copies database files to a disk with an identical directory structure. The name of the new SAP_Home directory is defined in the parameter new_db_home.

  • disk_standby: copies database files to a disk with an identical directory structure (compare disk_copy). To let you construct a standby database, a standby control file is generated and copied.

  • tape_auto or pipe_auto: suppresses prompts for changing the tape. This is only useful when you use a tape device with automatic tape changing (tape changing device).

  • tape_box or pipe_box: specifies jukeboxes or autoloader tape devices that can be addressed locally or remotely. The drivers for the data transfer (cpio, dd) are defined in the parameters tape_address or tape_address_arch, the drivers for rewinding are defined in the parameters tape_address_rew or tape_address_rew_arch and the drivers for mounting and dismounting the tapes are defined in the parameters tape_address_ctl or tape_address_ctl_arch.

  • util_file or util_file_online: uses external backup programs for file-by-file backup. If you use this option, you might have to create a file containing the parameters required for that type of backup. If a parameter file of this type is required, you must specify the name of the file in the profile parameter util_par_file or with the option -r. Use parameter util_file_online for an online backup (if it is supported by the external backup program). This dynamically sets and ends the backup status of the tablespaces to be saved and thus greatly reduces the volume of offline redo log files during the backup.

  • util_vol or util_vol_online: as for util_file or util_file_online but for volumes

  • stage|stage_copy|stage_standby: backs up to remote disk. See backup_dev_type

  • rman_util|rman_disk|rman_stage|rman_prep: backs up with the Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN) and an external backup tool. See backup_dev_type

See also:

Parameters in init<DBSID>.sap: backup_dev_type.