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This section describes the command options for BRBACKUP. If you start BRBACKUP without command options, the values in the Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.sap are used. Unless otherwise specified in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap, BRBACKUP starts an offline complete backup to a local tape device, with a storage capacity of 1200 MB and no file compression.

For more information about features common to both tools, see Common Features of BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE.

If you use BRBACKUP with command options, these override the corresponding values in the initialization profile. To use the options, you can specify either the letter indicated or the complete word.

This is the full command syntax:

Syntax Syntax

  1. brbackup
  2. [-a|-archive [<bra_options>]]
  3. [-b|-backup <log_name>|last [-bd|-backup_delete <log_name>|last]
  4. [-c|-confirm [force]]
  5. [-d|-device tape|disk|pipe|disk_copy|disk_standby|tape_auto|
  6. pipe_auto|tape_box|pipe_box|util_file|util_file_online|
  7. util_vol|util_vol_online|
  8. stage|stage_copy|stage_standby|rman_prep|rman_util
  9. |rman_disk|rman_stage]
  10. [-db|-delete_backup <log_name>|last]
  11. [-e|-execute <number>]
  12. [-f|-fillup <log name1>[<log name2>,..]
  13. |<yyyy-mo-dd|<days>|last]
  14. [-h|-help [version]]
  15. [-i|-initialize [force|show]]
  16. [-k|-compress no|yes|hardware|only]
  17. [-l|-language E|D]
  18. [-m|-mode all|all_data|full|incr|<tablespace_name>|<file_ID>|
  19. <file_ID1>-<file_ID2>|<generic_path>|<object list>]|sap_dir|ora_dir|all_dir|partial|non_db]
  20. [-n|-number <number of tapes>]
  21. [-o|-output dist|time[,time|dist]]
  22. [-p|-profile <profile>]
  23. [-q|-query [check|nolog|split]]
  24. [-r|-parfile <parameter_file>]
  25. [-s|-saveset 1|2|3|4|tsp|all]
  26. [-t|-type online|online_cons|offline|offline_force|
  27. offline_standby|offline_stop|online_split|offline_split|
  28. online_mirror|offline_mirror|online_standby|offstby_split|offstby_mirror]
  29. [-u|-user [<user>[/<password>]]]
  30. [-v|-volume <volume>|<volume list>|SCRATCH]
  31. [-w|-verify [use_dbv|only_dbv|only_conf|use_rmv|only_rmv]]
  32. [-V|-VERSION [ALL]]
End of the code.

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