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This BRBACKUP command option sets query mode. You can use it to find out which volumes (for example, tapes) must be mounted for the backup process. In this case, backup is not started. Before you start a backup request with CRON, use this option to find out which volumes are required.

Syntax Syntax

  1. -q|-query [check|nolog|split]
End of the code.

Default value: the backup is started.

Possible values:

  • check: checks whether the proper volumes have really been mounted in the backup devices. The backup is not started.

    You can perform the preparation for an unattended backup to tapes as follows:

    1. Enter brbackup -q check to query the required tapes.

    2. Mount the required tapes in the tape devices.

    3. Enter cont to start the check of the mounted tapes.

    Once you have made these preparations, you can start an unattended backup on the same day, since you have already checked the validity of the tapes.

  • nolog: does not create or update detail, summary, and database logs for the function

    Example Example

    brbackup -u / -q nolog

    End of the example.
  • split: splits the disks. The database is stopped and the tablespaces are placed in backup status, with the result that the split is consistent.