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SAPSprint writes logs (sapsprint.dbg files) and temporarily stores print job files at the LPD log path that you specified during the installation. By default, SAPSprint does not write any logs and retains only the erroneous print jobs. The jobs that printed successfully are deleted after printing.

You can change the log level to ensure that log information as well as print job data is preserved. This configuration may be useful for troubleshooting purposes.


       1.      In the command prompt, switch (cd) to the SAPSprint installation directory.

       2.      Execute the following commands:

       sapsprint –oi LogLevel <log level>

Sets the level verbosity of log files.

The possible values for <log level> are: 0,  1 , 5 , or 9. The default value is 0 (no logs are created).

For more information about the effect of the other values and about analyzing problems with SAPSprint, see SAPNote 946209.

       sapsprint –oi KeepFile <n>

Determines whether the system retains the print file after it is printed.

The possible values for <n> are:

1 = log and print job files are always stored.

0 = log and print job files are stored if the value for LogLevel is greater than 0.



See also:

      For detailed logging, tracing, and trouble-shooting information, see note 946209.

      For information on the most important SAPSprint configuration options, execute the command sapsprint -?. 

      For detailed information on SAPSprint configuration, see note 85469.


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