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Object documentationOutput Devices in the SAP Spool System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


A target device must be specified for the output for every document to be printed in the SAP system. As the document can be output using not only printers, but also archiving devices, these devices are called Output Devices in the SAP system.

In the SAP system, output devices are the logical representations of the real output devices.


You must create a device definition in the SAP system for every output device. This definition contains all the important data for addressing the device; otherwise the device cannot be correctly addressed. This data includes, for example:

      Device type, such as POSTSCPT or HPLJ4

      Name of the spool server (= application server with a spool work process)

      Host spool access method (such as local or remote)

      Destination host (for remote access methods)

For information about the device definition in general and the various types of output devices, see the following sections:


      Defining Output Devices for Microsoft Windows Printing

      Defining Output Devices for UNIX Printing

      Defining an Output Device for Frontend Printing (SAP GUI for Windows)

      Defining an Output Device for Frontend Printing (SAP GUI for HTML)

      Defining Output Devices for Printing Using E-Mails

      Defining Logical Output Devices

      Printer Pools

      Defining Output Devices for IBM i Printing




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