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To be able to print Interactive Forms (previously known as PDF-based forms) on a printer with any device type, you can additionally install the component SAPPDFPRINT.

SAPPDFPRINT allows you to address any printer when printing Interactive Forms, in a similar way to using SAPWIN-based device types. Until now, you could only print Interactive Forms on printers that were assigned an XDC file. SAPPDFPRINT removes this restriction.

Note that you should install SAPPDFPRINT before SAPSprint or SAP GUI, since SAPSprint or SAP GUI then automatically recognize this component.



      You need to install SAPPDFPRINT either together with SAPSprint on a Microsoft Windows print server or together with SAP GUI on a front-end host. SAPSprint or SAP GUI then automatically detect that SAPPDFPRINT is installed and print Interactive Forms on the selected printer.


SAPSprint or SAP GUI must be from the same release as SAPPDFPRINT.

      You need to create an output device with device type PDF1 in the SAP system. If you have previously used an output device with the SAPWIN device type, you can also use report RSPO0022 to assign the SAPWIN device type to the device type PDF1. When printing Interactive Forms, the system will then generate a PDF data stream if the user selects a printer with the device type SAPWIN. More information: SAP Note 1066060.



Note that SAPPDFPRINT only works with Interactive Forms generated by Adobe Document Services (ADS). Other spool requests (such as ABAP lists or SAPscript forms) that were generated with the device type PDF1, or binary spool requests that contain a PDF document cannot be printed using SAPPDFPRINT.


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