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Checking LogsLocate this document in the navigation structure

This section will guide you to check the log entries in both the client and the SAP Gateway system.



  1. Navigate to the folder (the path will be provided in the GWM configuration file, for example, GWPAMExcelWizard.dll.config) to check the client side logs. For example, Start of the navigation path  %AppData%  Next navigation step  SAP  Next navigation step  GWM Excel End of the navigation path.
  2. Locate the request id in the logs and check the logs below the request id line for analysis.
    Note You can obtain the request id using the instructions in the topic, Solution Manager Integration-GWM Excel.
    Setting RequestiD
  3. Log on to SAP Gateway system, and go to transaction SLG1, and then paste the Request ID into the external ID field, and click Execute.External ID
    The logs are displayed. The log analysis of both client and SAP Gateway server can be done using the Request ID.