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This guide describes how to work with the SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Visual Studio Add-In (GWM Visual Studio Add-In) projects and the SAP generated project references, in Microsoft Visual Studio.

GWM Visual Studio Add-In is intended for developers working on the Microsoft .NET stack, to easily and quickly develop applications that can retrieve and present data in the supported Microsoft Office application, from an SAP system.

Access to the SAP system is through the SAP Gateway platform.

GWM Visual Studio Add-In is a framework on which you can develop application-level solutions for users of the following Microsoft applications, to access OData services in SAP Gateway:

  • Microsoft Outlook

    You can use GWM Outlook add-in projects to start creating add-in specific solutions as templates, and deploy the resulting GWM Outlook add-in for Microsoft Outlook users.

    You build GWM Outlook add-in templates specifically to integrate with SAP data, and to facilitate the presentation of the retrieved SAP data as Microsoft Outlook items, such as, Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks.

  • Microsoft Excel

    You can use GWM Excel add-in projects to generate specific Excel add-in solutions as templates, and deploy the resulting GWM Excel add-in for Microsoft Excel users.

    The GWM Excel add-in templates specifically integrate with SAP data, and facilitate presentation of the retrieved SAP data as Microsoft Excel content.

In addition, the framework provides a rich toolset that lets you do the following:

  • Develop and build a representation of SAP Fiori approval tasks as Microsoft Outlook add-in templates.

    SAP Fiori apps provide a consistent end-to-end user experience, and can be used across all device types without additional implementation effort.

    Using GWM Outlook add-in, you can accelerate the development of specific solutions that are similar to the services and functionality provided by SAP Fiori apps, to Microsoft Outlook users.

  • Enhance existing Visual C# projects, by adding Microsoft .NET proxy references to OData services in SAP Gateway, while integrating with systems such as SAP Mobile Platform and Microsoft's Azure cloud services.

In addition, you can extend the projects you create to suit your needs, and purposes.