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You can use a user of the type System to perform dialog-free communication between systems; that is, communication by Remote Function Call.


You have performed the preparations in the section Defining Authorizations for System Users.

Note Note

If your systems are already configured for ALE distribution, you do not need to create a new system user, but should use the existing system user. Extend the authorizations of the existing user by assigning the roles specified below to it.

End of the note.


  1. Procedure in the Central System

    1. Log on to the central system (such as ADM, client 070) with the administration user and choose   Tools   Administration   User Maintenance   Users   (transaction SU01).

    2. Create the following system users:

      • System user CUA_ADM that is used by the central system for the user transfer (transaction SCUG) to call the central system.

      • System users for the RFC destinations that you created in the child systems (such as CUA_PRD_324 and CUA_CRM_800)

    3. Assign all system users an initial password and the user type System (CPIC in older releases).

    4. Assign the system users for the child systems and the system user CUA_ADM the roles Z_SAP_BC_USR_CUA_SETUP_CENTRAL and Z_SAP_BC_USR_CUA_CENTRAL.

    5. Save your entries.

  2. Procedure in the Child Systems

    1. Log on to each child system and choose   Tools   Administration   User Maintenance   User   (transaction SU01).

    2. Create a system user for the RFC destination that you create in the central system that is used in the central system to call the child system (such as CUA_PRD_800).

    3. Assign these system users an initial password and the user type System (CPIC in older releases).

    4. Assign the roles Z_SAP_BC_USR_CUA_SETUP_CLIENT and Z_SAP_BC_USR_CUA_CLIENT to these system users.

    5. Save your entries.